Quantifying the Cost of Forced Localization

This visualization shows the per-hour cost of deploying cloud servers with publicly-accessible cloud providers around the world; it is meant to help show the cost of so-called "Forced Localization" laws, wherein a country restricts data about its inhabitants to servers within a country's borders.

While businesses that use cloud servers will need a wide variety of numbers and types, we have picked five servers with 4GB of RAM as a starting point for your analysis. You may adjust the number of servers and amount of RAM via the selectors on the bottom. Click on a country to see the prices of the selected servers in that country, and how much you could save by using servers outside the country.

Datacenters for each provider are represented as dots on the map; green dots indicate that the datacenter has servers of the type requested, whereas red dots indicate that the datacenter does not have servers of that type.

For more on our methodology and conclusions, check out our "Quantifying the Cost of Forced Localization" whitepaper, available on our website.